I realize that most of the xGrip lineup of products is for firearms that are not 45s.

However I have had some recent interaction with the company that deserves a mention.

In this Internet age, we are always fast to complain, yell, and boycott companies when a company turns out a lemon. We need to be just as aggressive when a company goes above and beyond to take care of us.

So here is my tale of these products that came out to fill the gap between the bottom of the firearm and the base of a larger than normal length magazine.

They did this task VERY well. Continuing the contours, shapes and often texture of the firearm they were being interfaced to even though this meant a custom product for each application.


The oldest xGrips that I posses are for the the Heckler and Koch P2000sk pistol. I have no idea when I acquired them but I have had the pistol for 11 years now.

Two weeks ago I pulled this firearm from the safe for a show and tell session that I was getting ready to do.

As I inserted one of the full size, xGrip equipped magazines, the xGrip itself broke into two pieces. Upon examine all of the xGrip equipped magazines that were stored next to this firearm, I found that they were all brittle.

I had a second P2000sk stored in a different location with a few xGrip equipped magazines, they were in the same condition.

I immediately took this up with the manufacturer that admitted there had been a bad batch of material on occasion in the past and the products would be replaced. In about a week, 6 replacements arrived and are back with their firearms.


So Kudos to xGrip for standing behind their product so well.

They are on my list to purchase as I add other small auto loaders to the family


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