Halloween is just two weeks away

When thinking about incorporating our love for firearms, especially 45s into a costume, A 20′s gangster is the obvious choice.

A pinstripe suite, Fedora and a 1911 or a Tommy gun and we are good to go.

But carrying a Tommy gun around gets tiring, they weight over 11 pounds with an empty magazine. Not to mention that the prices on even the semi-auto versions has risen over the years

Enter the folks at 1022FunGun.Com

They have dress up kits to make your 10-22 or clone look like those old Chicago Typewriter’s


These kits are available with either the Vertical or Horizontal forend. The magazine I am using in the photo above is a Pro Mag drum for the Ruger 10-22 style firearms. The folks at 1022FunGun.Com do offer a dummy stick magazine adapter that makes your factory original rotatory magazine look like oce of the old factory 45ACP sticks

I guess you guys now know what I am planning for this year’s Halloween. Just remember to dress the kids in bright colors for good visibility

Have Fun

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