Caracal pistols

Several folks asked about the Caracal pistols.

Well the company is setting up in the US. They have some distributors lined up and they are going to be hitting the market as soon as they can.

I shot four of their pistols. They brought full size and compacts with standard sights and a pair with their Quick Acquisition Sight System.

These sights were very fast on target at combat distances. I think that the unusualy short sight radius might be a problem for really long shots, but this is a combat pistol not a target gun.

The Caracal has a lower than usual bore axis and this helps make recoil a bit softer feeling.

Most importantly, these pistols are very Thin. Much like the old Browning BDM. The thin frame does not sacrifice magazine capacity, the compact pistol holds 15 rounds of 9MM

Here are a few more on the table

Mark Calzaretta

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