Smith & Wesson Model 25 Heritage series

Back around 2000 Lew Horton started down the path toward the Heritage series revolvers. The end result was a handful of different models and chamberings that had some Old World styling to them while incorporating modern metallurgy and machining techniques.

Heritage Model 25s and 17s

The Heritage revolvers were all shipped in nostalgic designed gold boxes. They were manufactured by the Smith and Wesson Performance Center in the early 2000s.

Model 25s were available chambered in 45ACP or 45LC and were finished in blue or with color case hardened frames.

These fine looking revovlers had no barrel ribs so the front sight has the illusion of being very tall. By the way, the Factory chose a gold bead, McGivern style Patridge as the front sight but wisely use a modern micrometer adjustable sight for the rear . . . I approve of the choices

The Factory produced the Heritage revolvers on a new style round butt, 4 screw frame for both the K and N frame revolvers. I know the purists will tell me it is the wrong 4 screws. However it is a Modern revolver.

Accuracy on these new revolvers is above average.

While the round butt grips look nice, they are small for my hands and some target stocks would be nice, or perhaps a Tyler T-grip would be more period correct.

Modern accuracy, fit and finish with old world charm . . . What’s not to like?

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