Site troubles

After months of the site going on and off line the hosting company thinks the problem was found.

Recently we had to restore to an old backup due to DB corruptions that were causing the up again down again status of the site over the past year+.

Unfortunately 50 or 60 or more post (and their comments) have been lost going back several years.

These are getting added back in from whatever hard copies I can locate. The original publishing dates will be used as we restore. If you have posts that vanished get the hard copy to me and I will work to get it back in with your correct add date

The SHOT Show is only a handful of weeks away and I expect to be adding plenty of NEW 45 based content

Sorry for the troubles and I appreciate your understanding and help

About colt_saa

Professional Photographer, Firearms Enthusiast, Instructor and Gun Smith. Due to my love of fine mechanical things I am also a car enthusiast and horologist
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