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Political Correctness

I find that the members of the shooting sports community bend over backwards to be politically correct and non-offensive. Just watch any discussion on any talk show. This really annoys me and I would like you all to consider some … Continue reading

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Rohrbaugh 45 ? ? ? Can it be?

Yes Rohrbaugh is developing a 45ACP pistol. Theprototype was on display at this years SHOT show in Las Vegas. The prototype slide is a modified 1911 slide and does not resemble what the released product will look like. The pistol … Continue reading

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What happened to the Gold Cup

I love Colt Gold Cups. I have several. It goes back to the mid Seventies when I purchased my very first NEW auto loading pistol. This was only the second firearm I had ever purchased NEW. You guessed it, it … Continue reading

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