NEW Powders from Hodgen/IMR

IMR has introduced 5 new powders for the hand loader this year.


Here is their description of the new offerings . . . . .

IMR Target™ The first powder in this new family is a fast-burning pistol powder. This fine-grained, small-flake pistol powder meters superbly, providing very precise loads in even the smallest pistol cartridges like the .25 ACP!

IMR Red™ The second powder in this new family was designed to be an efficient, clean-burning, 12-gauge target powder. IMR Red also performs nicely in various lead pistol target loads, such as match competition loads and Cowboy reduced loads.

IMR Green™ The third in this new family is slightly slower-burning than IMR Red, making it an ideal Trap Handicap powder and soon a favorite with Sporting Clays enthusiasts.

IMR Unequal™ IMR Unequal combines small-sized flakes for uniform metering in all pistol applications and its burn speed accommodates a wide range of shotshell and pistol cartridges.

IMR Blue™ The slowest burn speed of the five new propellants, IMR BLUE, has excellent application for heavy 12-gauge 2-¾-inch, 3-inch and 3-1/2-inch field loads.

All of these are ready for shipping with the exception of Unequal which has been delayed over a labeling issue.

Load data is available on the Hodgen web site

I have some of the handgun powders on the way to me (including unlabeled canisters if Unequal) so I can tinker with a few cartridges that do not have data provided (22TCM, 356TSW, 9×23 Winchester and others)

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