NEW 10MM Ammunition offerings in the recent years

When it comes to 10MM Auto ammunition you might recall that Federal introduced a 180 grain hunting load at a published velocity of 1275 FPS. I have some of this on the way for testing in various 10MM Auto pistols, revolvers and the MP5

Barnes is now loading their own ammunition. Their 10MM Auto offering is a 155 grain copper hollow point moving at less than 1200 FPS. This ammunition was announced last year as part of the VOR-TX line, but it never really got rolling until this year.

The folks at Barnes spent quite a bit of time with me on their ammunition. I have concerns that this loading might be on the light side. I have a few 10MM Auto firearms that need the higher end of the 10MM Auto performance curve for reliable functioning. I thought that the velocity needed to be increased a bit. The folks at Barnes will be sending a supply of this new ammunition so that it can be tested in a wider range of auto loading firearms to check their reliability.

Barnes and I also talked about getting a little more weight moving out of the barrel. The problem with copper hollow point projectiles is that they are significantly longer than traditional jacketed lead projectiles of he same weight. We know that there will never be a 190 or 200 grain copper hollow point loaded into the 10MM Auto cartridge. However I suspect they could get to 165 or even 170 grains.

As I mention in another posting SIG is releasing 2 10MM Auto loadings in 2015 for their new ammunition lineup. There will be a 180 Grain FMJ moving out at a published 1250 and a V-Crown 180 grain JHP loaded to the same velocity

4 NEW 10MM Auto loadings in the same year? 10MM Auto shooters should be in heaven with that much activity for a cartridge that has been declared dead more times than anyone can sount.

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