For the cost of a Magazine

Join the NRA.

It does not matter if you like them or hate them. They have visibility in the main stream media.

I have seen hundreds of threads on dozens of forums all with the posters already giving up the fight. Posters asking what they should stock up on. Do you think this or that will be banned? Where can I find magazines?

DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT. Heck, legislation has only just been proposed. Nothing has even been voted on yet.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL is for Good Men to do nothing.” 

For roughly the cost of a magazine, you can be an NRA member.

What kind of message will it send to our Legislators if the threat of a new Ban causes the ranks of the NRA to double, triple or more.

If EVERY poster on every forum that is talking about stockpiling for the Ban joined the NRA, they would have millions of new members in the blink of an eye.

Remember, even if a Congressperson or Senator believes in and wants to eliminate the private ownership of firearms, they want to keep their job even more. A Congressperson or Senator will NEVER willingly trade their position in the Government to give the President a Ban on Firearms

So send a HUGE message and join the NRA. Get your shooting buddies to join the NRA. Give memberships to friends as gifts.

Want to really have fun, buy your Senator or Congressperson an NRA membership as a present.

Also do not forget to send E-mails and call your Congressperson and Senator. You will not change their personal beliefs, but you may change how they vote.

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