As Rahm Emanuel Says “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

While the premature death of ANY Citizen is a tragedy, it is a disgrace that Liberal Politicians choose to sensationalize recent events to advance their agenda. Instead of villainizing an inanimate object we need to focus on the people that commit these unthinkable atrocities.

If I slap you in the face, are you mad at my hand? Or are you mad at the person that commanded the hand to slap you?

We also need to have a means of rapidly neutralizing these sick twisted individuals should this type of event occur again.

Morality can not be legislated. If it could, this tragedy would not have occurred. After all committing murder is already a crime. There is no firearm law that could have prevented this calamity. A sick, twisted individual that is planning to commit multiple murders is not going to suddenly stop and say to him/herself “Gee, I can’t go kill those 20+ people because it would be a crime for me to go steal a gun.”

Mr. President, Senators and Congressmen if you want to get my attention and get the support of the shooting public, show the American People a law (that does not violate the Constitution) that if it had been enacted 5 or 10 years ago would have prevented this from happening. Then we will have something to talk about. Otherwise please stop trying to make people believe that your goal is to solve the problem and admit your goal is to disarm law abiding Citizens and that you intend to use the emotions of a grieving Nation to achieve it.

Everything that I have heard proposed by our Legislators on the various weekend talk shows would not have made one single difference in the outcome of the events of last week.

It is said that those who do not learn from History are Doomed to Repeat it.

Most all of the mass murders over the last 20 some years have occurred in GUN FREE ZONES. Wait . . . . . How can that be possible? Murderers can not bring guns into GUN FREE ZONES. OH, they can, it is just breaking one more law. Why should they care?

How would the outcome of some of those mass murders of recent years have changed if the law abiding Citizens that chose to, had their firearms with them?

If Suzanna Hupp had not been obeying the law, she would have had her personal defense firearm in her purse when she and her parents had dinner at Lubys Cafateria. Quite probably some of the 24 people (including Suzanna’s parents) that George Hennard killed that day would still be alive.

What would have happened at Virginia Tech during the almost 3 hours that Seung-Hui Cho shot 53 people, killing 30 of them. He did this in two incidents in two different buildings. A single armed Citizen, Teacher or Guard could have drastically turned the tide of that day. Unfortunately Virginia Tech is a GUN FREE ZONE and all the law abiding Citizens were unarmed.

While we are on the subject of school shootings, what is this LOCK-DOWN nonsense? At Virginia Tech, where was the football team or the wrestling team, how about the ROTC members? Was there no student willing to challenge this sick individual? Of course not, had one even wanted to intervene and help their fellow students they were LOCKED-DOWN.

Today we teach our children to hide in their classrooms and wait to be killed. Where did this stupid idea come from?

Common Sense tells us that GUN FREE ZONE laws will only be obeyed by the Law Abiding. Criminals intent on MURDER will ignore such laws. Why can’t Congress grasp that concept?

Common Sense tells us that Criminals are afraid of victims that can fight back and possibly hurt them.

Common Sense tells us that a Civic Minded individual with a firearm can end a Mass Murder Spree.

All of this can easily be illustrated by the events of last Sunday night at the movie theater in San Antonio when the sick individual that went there to commit mass murder was rapidly neutralized by a Deputy that was working off duty and happened to have a firearm with her. How many lives were saved that day? We will never know the answer, but it was several at least.

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