450 SMC / 45 Super

On one of the firearms Forums this week the question came up, Can I use 450 SMC in my ????? with just a spring change?

I responded to the Forum Members inquiry………

The 450SMC is basically a slight variation on the 45 Super that allows manufacturers to produce it without paying royalties to the Ace Custom .45’s Inc who owns the trademark on 45 Super. Very similar to the relationship between the 300 Whisper/300 Blackout cartridges.

I have been a 45 Super shooter and fan for more than 15 years and I can say that the statement that all you need is a spring to shoot 45SMC is a false statement for most 45 ACP firearms in the market place.

To start off with, there were a few firearms that are factory designed and chambered for the 45 Super (45SMC). This Springfield is my favorite.

In addition, the 45 ACP S&W 625 revolvers or the full size HK USPs can both use 45 Super (45SMC) with no modifications what so ever.

If you are going to utilize most other 45ACP firearms, there are a few rules to follow

First, no alloy frames

Second, no compact guns

Third, properly sized and supported chamber, many modern combat auto-loaders have very sloppy chamber dimensions and would require a barrel change.

Now if all the above conditions are met, then and only then can you get away with just a spring change.

OK so WHY would someone want to use 45SMC or 45 Super inplace of the time tested 45ACP?

Tim Taylor will tell us ……MORE POWER ….

Using the 45 caliber 230 grain JHP as a reference velocities are as followes

  • 45ACP:                     880FPS
  • 45ACP+P:                980FPS
  • 45SMC/45Super:  1160FPS

That is a significant increase in velocity. It is an even more amazing increase in energy.

  • 45ACP:                     395 ft-lbs
  • 45ACP+P:                490 ft-lbs
  • 45SMC/45Super:   650 ft-lbs

Now this more powerful cartridge also opens up territory in heavier projectiles for our favorite .45 bore firearms. The old Speer 260JHP is now a great projectile for the 45 Super/450SMC

Now go take your favorite 45 out and bust a cap this week . . . . . . . .




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