We are only about 6 weeks away from Election day

Odds are 80%+ of us have already decided which candidate we are voting against. I phrase it that way because I do not feel that we have been given any candidates that are worthy of Voting for.
It does not matter if you are Conservative or Progressive, Left wing or Right wing GO OUT AND VOTE.
If you choose to stay home and not participate in the process, then do not complain about the result. Remember YOU did NOT want to participate.
If every person that used the old excuse “My Vote Does Not Matter” voted, there are enough of them to make a difference.
Half of us will be unhappy with the result no matter what, but remember the Office of President of the United States ALWAYS deserves respect, no matter who ends up sitting behind the Resolute Desk for the next four years.
I want everyone to re-read just the FIRST THREE WORDS of the US Constitution. Read it to your children as well. Schools no longer are teaching our children about the document.
“no words have said this thing of importance in quite this way. Look at these three words written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since. Tall words proudly saying WE THE PEOPLE.” JTK
Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill
Our Founding Fathers left us a Legacy like the World had never seen. . . Do not let it fade into oblivion


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