SIG has a new 40S&W Autoloader

This is going to be a long one.

I enjoyed shooting the P224. If you look at this image from the range you will notice the original 10 round magazines as well as a longer 12 round magazine that has a base pad that takes up the empth space.

The P224 is being slowly released. Initally there will be four variations shipping that are all chambered for 40S&W and have DAK triggers. Here are some photos.

This first model is the P224 Equinox

This is the P224 Extreme

This is a P224 Nickel. This variation has a nickel slice, controls, hammer and trigger just like a two tone is supposed to have.

Here is the P224 SAS. Not sure how I missed shooting both sides of it but **** happens. Those of you familiar with the Mauser M2 that SIG released 10 years ago might notice that the dimensions and proportions of the P224, especially with the E2 grips, is very close to the M2

Here are a few images of the P224s that were over on the wall

The next goal for SIG is the get the DA/SA into production. I am told that this should not take too long. The P224 does not share lockwork with it’s bigger brothers so new tooling had to be set up. There is still testing on the DA/SA.

I did have the opportunity to handle the prototype. This DA/SA is a prototype of many things. It is 9MM, has a threaded barrel for supressor use and has tall sights.

Even with that longer barrel and taller sights, the P224 fit right into the front pocket of me 5.11 Covert Tactical pants. It felt good. Wish I could have snuck away with it.

Back to release steps.

After the SA/DA variations are all shipping in 40S&W, SIG will begin releasing all the variations in 357SIG.

The last to be released will be the 9MM variants.

Mitch Rosen is ready to produce leather for the P224.

The 40/357 and 9MM slide are intended to be the same exterior dimensions. Any reduction in mass needed for the 9MM variant will be taken from inside. Therefore the same leather will work with all P224s.

I can’t wait for my P224 nickel in 357SIG. Then I will probably need a P224 SAS to go with it. If one is ever offered as a Tactical with a threaded barrel, I will be on board for one of those as well.

Mark Calzaretta

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