Magnetospeed Chronograph

The Magnetospeed folks have been around for a while. I only recently acquired one of their chronographs for testing and evaluation purposes.

Unlike traditional chronographs that require screens to be placed 5 or 10 feet from the muzzle that watch for the shadow of the bullet to pass over a photo sensor, the Magnetospeed product uses electromagnetic sensors to detect the projectile.

Initially, there are some great advantages to this. Light is not an issue. With one of my chronographs, I carry a set of IR lights for use at indoor ranges. That means remembering to keep batteries charged

Magnetospeed bayonet

The Magnetospeed bayonet attaches to the barrel of the firearm. Since the sensors do not use light, muzzle blast and flash do not affect them.

So far I have only begun to experience this product. I used a few suppressed 9MM and 22 pistols in the back yard.

The Magnetospeed records the shot strings on a micro SD card in a CSV file so this is easily transferred into a computer. The card can hold hundreds of strings. The control head also has a nice multi line display that shows you the data live.

Once I get out to the range, I am going to really put the Magnetospeed through a workout. Watch for a future update and pictures.

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