Just a few short days from now, America will celebrate it’s “INDEPENDENCE DAY”

It has been 87,288 days since the thirteen tiny British Colonies in America told King George that we are not going to take it any more.

We are tired of being taxed to our limits, we are tired of being told how to practice our religious beliefs, we are tired of being told where we can assemble and what we can discuss, we are tired of a single man telling us how to live our lives when the masses are against most everything he is doing.

On July 4th, 239 years ago, all 56 representatives of the Colonies, unanimously signed a document that would change the world as people knew it.

This weekend enjoy your hot dogs and hamburgers. Ooh and Aah over the fireworks displays, cheer and clap at the parades but keep in mind what those 56 men did for you more than two Centuries ago.

Can you imagine the kind of dedication to ones fellow man these farmers, storekeepers, blacksmiths and who knows what else had. Their lives were certainly put in immediate danger just signing the Declaration but they understood the bigger picture and knew that nothing worth having ever comes without sacrifice.

In their shoes, could you have done the same?

So please don’t just jump in the pool with the kids, eat the food and watch the “Rockets Bursting in Air”

Take time and make sure your kids understand why this is such a HUGE day for not only Americans, but everyone around the globe who has benefited from the Love and Generosity of the Greatest Nation the World has ever known.

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