Follow up on 45 Long Colt Marlin 1894 TD rifle

The 45 Long Colt Marlin 1894 lever gun that Green Swamp Tactical converted to a take down rifle a few years back never felt like a completed project to me.

To get ready for next Summer this beautiful conversion needed a method of carrying that was a elegant as the conversion.

I had learned of a saddle maker that produced custom rolls for take down firearms. I contacted John Cusimano of the Tumble Weed Saddle Shop and we chatted about what I wanted and the dimensions necessary.

Like all Good Custom Makers of leather goods, I had a wait in line. Months after  our conversations a package arrived.

It was beautiful, even without a firearm in it.

There were two fleece lined sections for the two halves of the firearm itself and an unlined center portion where several boxes of ammunition could be carried.

Twin leather straps with brass buckles held the roll closed and a generously sized shoulder strap complete with shoulder pad was included to provide a carry option to the top mounted leather handle

I think this put the finishing touch on our 45 Long Colt project

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