Browning BXP Personal Defense ammunition – Real World velocities

We all know that the real world does not always match the advertising claims when it comes to projectile velocities.

This past weekend I headed out to my buddy’s farm with the intent of chronographing 12 different 45ACP offerings through more than half a dozen firearms to see if the claims on the box matched the numbers across the skyscreens.

Like all good projects things started to go wrong. One of the two chronographs we brought along would not work correctly. So there went half of our testing. Then we had afternoon winds that picked up to the point the skyscreens were blowing around too much.

Bottom Line: I did not finish

I did get both of Browning’s new offerings fired through an HK USPt as well as it’s smaller brother the HK USP-CT.

I was really pleased with the numbers. Browning claims 920 FPS for both 230 grain offerings. Remember this is standard pressure ammunition, not +P.

When fired from the USPt and USP-CT the BPT 230 grain FMJ moved out at 855 FPS and 853 FPS respectively.

When fired from the USPt and USP-CT the BPX 230 grain XHP moved out at 910 FPS and 873 FPS respectively.

These are decent velocities for full weight 45 ACP projectiles. Somewhere down the road I will gather the data from a few other pistols (4516, Boberg, P220, USP Elite and S&W 25). I will also gather data for these same ammunition offerings when fired from guns equipped with a suppressor.

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