My newest 1911

This one is not a 45, it is a 10MM. Another cartridge that I truly love. This 6″ longslide was made for me by Black Ops Armoury.

  This piece is absolutely awesome. It is as tight as can be but still racks like butter. I chose the Aristocrat rear sight so the firearm can be sighted in at three different distances. The barrel bushing is a Briley spherical, this contributes to how smooth the firearm operates. The front sight is a Black Ops Armoury exclusive product. It is manufactured in their plant to precisely match the needs of the firearm based on slide length, rear sight choice and cartridge selection. The grips are Ahrends tacticals and they provide plenty of hand contact where you want it while allowing smooth operation of the controls where you need it.

And WOW does the piece shoot tight groups.

Black Ops Armoury has been a local shop for more than 5 decades. Originally founded by a Camp Perry shooter named George Forrest it operated under the name Forrest Specialties. George had a loyal following of 1911 and 22 shooters that would come to him for their match pistols. These all had Georges’ personal touch, not to mention a few unique modifications that George held the patent to.

George worked on firearms into his eighties and then some. George also took on apprentices until he found the talented armourer that would eventually take over the shop. George’s patents and techniques go into the firearms produced today. George passed away in 2003 at the age of 101 but his spirit lives on with every firearm that passes through the little shop that he founded.

Mark Calzaretta

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