Korth 9MM conversion for 386/586/686 revolvers

One of the things asked about in the Smith-WessonForum was the Korth conversion cylinder for the L-frame revolvers

This is a kit that includes a new cylinder, crane and a speed loader all designed to allow 9MM ammunition to be shot from any of the L-frame 58x or 68x families of revolvers that use a full length ejector rod.

The crane is supplied oversized and required fitting to the frame it will be utilized on. Once fitted, the original cylinder/crane assembly and the Korth assemble can be swapped anytime the user desires.

MSRP on the complete package is $500. The kits are currently in the US and available to be ordered

If you have ever priced purchasing a second cylinder and added the cost of letting Pinnacle or TK re-chamber and cut it for moon clips plus the price of a dozen or so moon clips, you will realize this is a fairly good value.

I will add some indoor photos of the component parts in the next day or so.

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