Independence day

As our Independence Day approaches I am continuously thinking how much I like this holliday. Aside from Christmas, this is my favorite day of the year.

No, not because of the food we eat at our Barbeques, not because of the fireworks or the music. It is because of the events that took place so long ago in our Nation’s history.

On July 4th of 1776, 56 representatives from the 13 Colonies signed the document that separated us for the Tyranny of King George and Great Britain. …A document that would change the World as it was perceived.

Most certainly these 56 men’s lives were in immediate jeopardy as traitors to the Crown. Several of the signatories to the Declaration were captured by British and so charged.

Our Founding Fathers were made of some pretty good stock.

Do you think any of our current representative in Congress would be willing to put their lives on the line like our Founding Fathers did? Hell, most of them are not even willing to sign legislation that might put their jobs in jeopardy. It is obvious that our current legislators are no longer concerned enough to keep Country first .

I am amazed that in an era where it took days, weeks or even months to get from place to place that a document like the Declaration could be drafted and signed in less than 15 months. Yes it was not even 15 months since the first shot of the Revolutionary war was fired at the Old North Bridge on April 19th of 1775.

The truly sad thing is that none of our children are being taught about these events that shaped the future of the world.

Our Great Nation’s past has quite a bit to be proud of and quite a bit to take inspiration from.

Please sit with your children or even the kids in the neighborhood and discuss these events, inspire today’s children to ask their teachers more about the Founding of our Nation13592781_10206984207711319_292017642909855963_n


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