A Double 1911 . . . WOW

Arsenal Firearms has come up with one that will be in the movies for sure.

Their 2011 is a double 1911.

It fires two cartridges each time you pull the double trigger. It then ejects a casing in each direction and strips fresh ammunition off the two magazines.

The firearms are regulated at 15 yards. This is a heavy pistol. Plastic pistol people will hate it right away. While a Government model weighs in at 39 ounces, this handful of double trouble is easily in the 70 ounce range.

An interesting thought, it is possible for each side of the firearm to be set up for a different caliber. How about firing a 9MM and a 38 Super simultaneously. OK, I can not think of a need for it either, nut it is neat.

The firearm is produced in blue or stainless and there is even a engraved and gold inlaid high end version.

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