Military and Police 2.0

As many of you know, Smith and Wesson has introduced a 2.0 version of the M&P autoloading pistols. The new versions of the firearms were displayed in all their grandeur


The two most obvious and talked about changes are the lock work and the grip treatment.

The triggers on the few I tried were quite acceptable. I discussed parts interchangeability with the Factory Gurus. Unfortunately while most of the parts of the new 2.0 M&P will interchange with the original variation, the lock work components are not among them.


As to the grip treatment, I am not a fan. I know that many folks think the original M&P was too smooth, but to me the 2.0 feels like someone glued 160 grit sand paper to the firearm.

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NEW Powders from Hodgen/IMR

IMR has introduced 5 new powders for the hand loader this year.


Here is their description of the new offerings . . . . .

IMR Target™ The first powder in this new family is a fast-burning pistol powder. This fine-grained, small-flake pistol powder meters superbly, providing very precise loads in even the smallest pistol cartridges like the .25 ACP!

IMR Red™ The second powder in this new family was designed to be an efficient, clean-burning, 12-gauge target powder. IMR Red also performs nicely in various lead pistol target loads, such as match competition loads and Cowboy reduced loads.

IMR Green™ The third in this new family is slightly slower-burning than IMR Red, making it an ideal Trap Handicap powder and soon a favorite with Sporting Clays enthusiasts.

IMR Unequal™ IMR Unequal combines small-sized flakes for uniform metering in all pistol applications and its burn speed accommodates a wide range of shotshell and pistol cartridges.

IMR Blue™ The slowest burn speed of the five new propellants, IMR BLUE, has excellent application for heavy 12-gauge 2-¾-inch, 3-inch and 3-1/2-inch field loads.

All of these are ready for shipping with the exception of Unequal which has been delayed over a labeling issue.

Load data is available on the Hodgen web site

I have some of the handgun powders on the way to me (including unlabeled canisters if Unequal) so I can tinker with a few cartridges that do not have data provided (22TCM, 356TSW, 9×23 Winchester and others)

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Does it belong to Judge Dredd? No it is Caracal’s integrally suppressed auto loader

Caracal has another interesting item headed our way.

It is an integerally suppressed pistol chambered for 9MM Parabellum called the Maxim 9

While it looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, it is functional.

Since it is one piece, the suppressor parts are offset allowing the use of normal sights.

If the Hearing Protection Act gets passed by our current Congress, this item will have an interesting future


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Caracal, Now Made in the USA

I think I first posted and talked about the Caracal family of pistols and carbines about four years ago. They are made in the United Arab Emirates

Unfortunately, Caracal never made it into the United States except in a few small batches. A mixture of political issues in that part of the world may have blocked these efforts.

Well the folks at Caracal figured out how to get around their roadblocks……They began manufacturing in New Hampshire.

The first pistols rolling off the production line are chambered in 9MM Parabellum.

The fit and finish were fine and the accuracy and functioning were spot on.


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