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Pink Rugers at the SHOT Show

Ruger has also produced a series of dark pink/lavender pistols. These are Talo exclusive offerings

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Lipsey showed some Ruger Exclusives at the SHOT Show

This Ruger Shopkeeper version of the Bearcat is an exclusive offering form Lipsey, one of Ruger’s distributors. Very cute, it even fits in my front pocket. OK my pockets are big. This Ruger 77/22 chambered for 22 Magnum is another … Continue reading

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9MM Carbine

Caracal has a new 9MM carbine that takes the same magazines as their pistols. It is a straight blowback design. It felt good and pointed well.

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Everybody does ZOMBIE green these days

While not really new, I thought that this green Volquartsen Scorpien looked pretty cool. Volquartsen has long been a leader is super accuracy on the Ruger MK-??? and 10-22 firearm platforms

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